Clitoral stimulator

Vibrations, pulsations, massages, aspirations, waves or double stimulation: find the one that will lead you to orgasm...

Clitoral stimulators

Vibration, pulsation, massage, suction, waves or double stimulation... So many possibilities to reach the pinnacle of pleasure, the ultimate orgasm.

Let yourself be carried away by these sensory delights and explore the meanders of your desire.

The gentle yet powerful vibrations will send shivers of delight down your spine, while the rhythmic pulsations will transport you to unexplored heights. Exquisite massages glide over your skin, creating a symphony of sensations that will sweep you off your feet. Sensual aspirations will arouse intense emotions, bringing you unparalleled ecstasy. Waves of pleasure will envelop you like celestial caresses, taking you to territories you never dared dream of.

Finally, the joys of double stimulation will fill you with indescribable pleasure, propelling you into a world where the limits of pleasure are pushed back. So let your imagination be your guide, explore all these possibilities, and discover the one that will take you to orgasmic heights. Your journey to ultimate pleasure begins here.

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Ultra-targeted stimulation for unfailing pleasure.
59.95 € 29.95 €
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This satisfyer is perfect for those who want to discover the patented "Air-Pulse" forced-air technology without obligation.
16.95 €
Choose your favorite, they all have different functions.
Cute and terribly effective vibrators.
For magical moments.
68.95 €
  • Black
  • Turquoise
  • Petal rose
  • Light mauve
  • Yellow
Small, ultra-powerful suction vibrator that'll have you in 7th heaven in no time.
29.95 €
  • Pink
  • Deep rose
  • Lilac
Ultra-flexible and foldable, this little jewel of technology offers 100 vibration combinations. Don't wait any longer to try it out!
49.95 €
  • Blue
  • Pink
Stimulate all your partner's erogenous zones, it's effective, hygienic and very gentle.
We offer a lubricant for particularly effective use.
59.95 € 29.95 €
Shipped tomorrow
In addition to stimulating pressure waves, the Dual Love offers additional stimulation with its straight, vibrating stick. What's more, the accessory features App-based control and a soft silicone finish.
59.95 €
  • Burgundy
  • Yellow

This sextoy brings Satisfyer's Air-Pulse technology to sex with your partner. Worn during sex, it stimulates the clitoris with pressure waves, while both partners benefit from the vibrations of the insertable silicone shaft designed to stimulate orgasm via the G-spot.
We've also added a lubricant for even greater ease of use, and a special sex toy cleaner.

69.95 €
Intense, exciting stimulation in the dark with this phosporescent massager.
55.95 €
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