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Experience penetration as if for the first time with this astringent gel with natural extracts.
But without drying out your vagina.
17.95 €
A hot/cold effect that your partner will thoroughly appreciate.
19.95 €
Clitoral cream to stimulate desire and intensify orgasm.
18.95 €
A water-based gel for better gliding and freedom from taboos!
18.95 €
These paper-thin mint leaves are designed to melt on the tongue.
They provide a powerful minty freshness, perfect for clitoral stimulation, oral sex or kissing.
8.95 €
For safe, sensual forbidden play.
19.95 €
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These nipple clamps will spice up all your naughty evenings.
11.95 €
Excitement is a vital force that animates our senses and awakens our whole being.
24.95 €
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Make your partner shiver with pleasure with this soft duster.
9.95 €
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