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Naughty men's lingerie

You too, gentlemen, have the right to feel sexy and sensual

Sexy Lingerie

Among the different cuts available, naughty lingerie for men can be open at the front or back, adding an extra dimension of sensuality and playfulness.

Naughty lingerie for men is designed with care and attention to detail, guaranteeing a comfortable, flattering fit. The materials used are of the highest quality, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear. Cuts and designs are designed to enhance male assets while offering optimum comfort.

With materials such as fishnet and imitation leather, as well as open front and back cuts, this lingerie offers an elegant and erotic aesthetic. It allows men to feel confident and desirable, while offering their partner a most exciting visual and tactile experience.

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A very special sensation on your skin.
14.95 €
A new range of sexy bondage lingerie for men - a real treat!
Here we present the boxer shorts.
38.95 €
Timelessly classic thong in black vinyl
29.95 €
Elastic faux-leather jumpsuit with short sleeves.
79.95 €
Master your look and your erections with elegance.
39.95 €
A new range of sexy bondage lingerie for men - a real treat!
Here we present the open briefs.
39.95 €
An exclusive design for these boxer shorts in matte leather-look fabric.
39.95 €
A very comfortable length for these adjustable faux-leather shorts.
69.95 €
Shipped tomorrow
Enjoy a unique sensation and a sexy look with these Long Boxer in Natural Latex.
159.95 €
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