Edible plus-size lingerie

For those with a sweet tooth

Edible lingerie

Why not be daring and original and try edible lingerie? Imagine candy bras, tasty thongs and men's lingerie that's both fun and indulgent.

This idea combines two deadly sins at the same time: gluttony and lust.

By opting for this lingerie, you give yourself a unique and daring sensory experience. You'll be able to savor each piece with delight, letting your partner explore your body with gourmandise.

It's a daring way to spice up your intimate life and push back the boundaries of sensuality. So why not try this unprecedented experience and succumb to the temptation of edible lingerie? Let yourself be carried away by this audacity and experience unforgettable moments of pleasure and complicity.

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Well yes, we dared... A fully edible penis ring, or rather three. For those with a sweet tooth...
6.95 €
Throw yourself on these luscious sweets cleverly arranged on your partner.
9.95 €
  • Multicolored
  • Black and red
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