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When sensuality rhymes with sharing and fun


Discover the eroticism of our products for intense moments of pleasure and complicity. Our range of products offers unique, sensual experiences to spice up your intimate life. Whether you want to explore new sensations or rekindle the flame in your relationship, our products are carefully designed to offer you an unforgettable experience.

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Fun naughty games to play as a couple or with friends.
9.95 €
So, do we dare?
Seductive - Disturbing - Astonishing - Exciting - Sensual - Appealing - Enchanting - Biting - Affriolant - Bandant - Amusing
19.95 €
Beneath its innocent exterior, it hides a devilishly stimulating river of pearls...
24.95 € 19.95 €
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  • Black
  • Petal rose
Diva size
Stockings offered Overview
Bewitch your partner with this plus size set open at the chest.
54.95 €
An excellent dice game dedicated to the kamasutra.
7.95 €
For even more fun, don't hesitate to get down on the comforter - it's going to be hot.
29.95 €
Let your partner control your sensations with this remote-controlled plus size vibrating thong.
For easy and pleasant use, we offer a water-based lubricant.
95.95 € 39.95 €
Shipped tomorrow
Stimulating, open crotch plus size panties.
19.95 € 15.95 €
  • Black
  • Light blue
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White
Diva size
Open plus-size panties with a river of pearls, up to size 62/64.
34.95 €
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